Thursday, 12 July 2007

stillindebt name is Richard and I'm in debt, big time. I have set up this blog in the hope that it may be useful for others out there to share their problems, get and give advice etc. As this blog was only set up today I'm not going to put a lot on it, just to say that I personallay have nine creditors, most of whomhave accepted my offer to pay back a reduced amount of what I owe them each month, except Northern Rock who are threatening to drag me through the County Court so i guess I wouldn't recommend that particular plc to anyone looking to take out a loan and then expect a sympathetic response when you get into trouble. My best creditors so far have been Natwest, but who knows what will happen?
My first piece of advice to anyone reading this who is in debt is to tell someone, such as The National Debtline, who proved very helpful to me. Keeping it to yourself, as I did, only breeds bigger debts and bigger trouble.
I am stopping now. Hope somebody reads this. I hope to keep it updated daily, if I'm not in prison or homeless or the bailiffs take my computer!